Mohamed T. Khairullah

Topic to cover

“How civic engagement is an important step in the immigrant integration process”


Mohamed T. Khairullah has devoted his life to the service of others. Fleeing his homeland of Syria in 1980, Mayor Khairullah sought to shape a new meaning of hope through civic engagement and grassroots activism. As an immigrant son of hardworking parents, Mayor Khairullah’s upbringing has sharpened his values and molded his commitment to help others. Leading by example, Mayor Khairullah works immensely hard to bring innovative progress and change that would improve the quality of life in and out of his town. Mayor Khairullah, recently inducted in the New Jersey League of Municipalities’ Mayors Hall of Fame, is the longest serving Arab and Muslim elected official currently in the State of New Jersey, having served as Mayor for 14 years and previously as Councilman for three years. Prior to elected office, Mayor Khairullah was a volunteer firefighter and volunteered at his local hospital which inspired him to always serve others.

Mayor Khairullah is a recipient of many accolades and awards at the local, state, and national level that recognizes his remarkable achievements in public service. He is continuously being sought after to speak locally, nationally and globally on issues of refugees and local government. Mayor Khairullah has been featured on many state and national media outlets for his work nationally and internationally. Claiming the hearts and minds of many, Mayor Khairullah’s passion to learn and educate is embedded with his efforts to not only lead, but lead by example.

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