Legal Consulations

Lawyers belonging to the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA), experts in different areas of the law, will provide the participants the opportunity to receive an individualized and confidential free of charge consultation to guide them on the below aspects of the law.

1. Family Law

For many years, organizations that participate in the integration of immigrants have struggled with the demand for services and the decrease in funding. In such conditions, it is imperative for organizations to work together to create a strong network and strengthen the effectiveness of existing programs.
2. Criminal Law

There are thousands of programs at federal, state and local levels, offered by government agencies and private organizations for the benefit of the community. However, the real challenge is to find them. The goal is to create the basis for the development of a centralized, easy-to-use and bilingual Online Hispanic Information Center, where our community can find information about programs and services available.
3. Domestic Violence Law

Educating our young is the way to invest in the future of our communities. The New Jersey State Bar Association will direct an inspirational workshop to motivate our students to focus in higher education. Additionally, some educational institutions will present the programs and scholarships they offer.
4. Labor Law

One of the main problems for immigrants in their integration process is the lack of knowledge and understanding of the laws. Many of the mistakes they make or the opportunities they lose are due to this lack of information. The New Jersey State Bar Association will provide participants with an opportunity to receive a free of charge, individualized and confidential consultation to guide them on the specific aspects of the Law according to their needs.
5. Immigration Law

The main mission of the consulates is to protect the well-being and interests of their nationals abroad. The consular representatives will explain to their fellow citizens the services they provide, and how the consulate can be of assistance in case of an emergency.
6. Landlord Tenant Law

Booths will be opened throughout the day to provide information to the participants about specific programs and services provided by the state, local governments, non-profit organizations and the private sector.
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