Lorenzo T. Hernandez


Sharing a Community Service Experience


Lorenzo T. Hernández, MSW is founder and president of the Board of Directors of IACO since 1999. Mr. Hernandez has dedicated his whole life to the service of the community, impacting the lives of thousands of families especially in the city of Passaic, where since 1976, He was the Executive Director of the Hispanic Information Center of Passaic, being responsible for four decades of general administration and management and leadership in the operation of the organization until his retirement in 2015.

In addition, as an active member of the society, Mr. Hernández served since 1982 on the Passaic County Human Services Council, State Human Services Advisory Member, NJ Hispanic Directors Association; He was Founder-President, United Hispanics of Passaic County; President, Health / Social Service Committee of the Passaic Drug Association and co-founder of the Passaic Youth Liaison Association Committee.

Lorenzo has received numerous awards, the Passaic County HSAC The Berlin Wiesler Award; Visiting Housewife of Passaic County; NJ General Assembly Resolution for Meritorious Service and Leadership; Outstanding Citizen Award – Civic Leader Award of the City of Passaic – Hispanic-American Association of Police and Firefighters. from the city of Passaic and others.

Mr. Hernández holds a Master’s Degree from Rutgers State University, 1986 and a Certificate in Field Instruction