Mi Casa Es Puebla

  • Mi Casa Es Puebla

Mission Statement

In accordance with the provisions of the State Development Plan 2017-2018, through program 11 of its axis 1, due to the international political and economic context it is essential to redouble the actions in favor of the migrants from Puebla, with a strong and inclusive Government, democratic, transparent, functional, agile, that promotes a free and strengthened society, in which all its members fully enjoy all their rights.

We are the Poblano Migrant Assistance Institute (IPAM), the body of the Government of the State of Puebla responsible for addressing the needs arising from the migration phenomenon, and that in coordination with various Institutes and Secretaries we support our Puebla migrants who are repatriated, live or present difficulties abroad, especially in the United States of America. In addition, we create bonding strategies and preventive conferences to inform the people about the risks of migrating illegally to the United States, we also link repatriated migrants to have job opportunities, health benefits and support on their return to Puebla.


Ana Flores
Executive Director of Mi Casa es Puebla

Programs and services that benefit the integration and inclusion of immigrants

  • Human repatriation
    In case of being deported or having voluntary departure from the USA and being in a border city of the Mexican Republic, we support Puebla migrants who want to return to the state of Puebla by buying a bus ticket thanks to the work together with the National Institute Migration
  • Transfer of remains
    We support to transfer the remains of the deceased from the International Airport of Mexico City to their municipality of origin in the state of Puebla at no cost.
  • Patient transfer
    Let us help the transfer of migrants who are sick with medical treatment and who wish to return to their place of origin.
  • Legal guidance
    Procedures and procedures in the state of Puebla and abroad, such as dual citizenship, immigration matters, apostille procedures, American passport, Mexican passport, alimony, ex-braceros, civil matters, social security, family reunification, etc.
  • Information on detained or missing migrants
    We advise people about the appropriate procedures and instances to obtain information about their family member’s status in a coordinated manner with the SRE Delegation in Puebla and the Mexican Consulates in the United States.
  • Help desk for American visa processing
    We advise on the requirements, we support with the filling of the DS-160 application online and we schedule the appointment with the Embassy of the United States of America in Mexico.
  • Preventive Conference on Migration (JOP)
    It aims to inform the people about the risks invoked by irregular emigration, in the same way, family principles are strengthened and services of fourteen institutions of the three orders of government and human rights are offered.