Rev. Dr Prince A.Z.K Adekoya, II

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His Excellency Rev. Dr. Prince A.Z.K. Adekoya, II. is a multi-talented entrepreneur with a comprehensive portfolio of interests that includes human and women’s rights advocacy, social entrepreneurship, legal expertise, cultural diversity promotion, economic analysis, global developmental consultancy, and entrepreneurship in fashion, print media, and television.

A Crown Prince and Royal personage, who has proudly integrated his Nigerian roots into his global antecedents, His Royal Highness Prince Adekoya is a legacy builder, businessman, and philanthropist. He has successfully produced and promoted countless charitable events for organizations and churches and is passionately committed to his work empowering youth. A change-maker, he subscribes to a simple mantra: “Anything the mind conceives, and the heart believes can be achieved.”

His Royal Highness Adekoya is a United Nations Peace Ambassador to Nigeria, Universal Peace Federation Ambassador, State of Arkansas Goodwill Ambassador to the World, and is also the Americas Director of The Ooni of Ife Artifacts, an initiative of His Imperial Majesty, Oba Dr. Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja, II., the Ooni of Ife (The Foremost King in Africa sitting on the cradle of humanity and the traditional ruler of the Yoruba kingdom of Ile-Ife).

An internationally recognized influencer in advocacy, fashion, and entertainment, the Royal fashion collections—Roberta Fabiani-Skadek and Royal Fashion Skadek—are Dr. Prince Adekoya’s imaginative creations that have trended in royal and elite circles. His unique brand is close to the pulse of New York’s high-end entertainment events, including the highly regarded New York Fashion Week, Yahoo spotlight, and Zeno Radio, earning him the “2016 Monarch Designer of the Year” Award, among others such as Congressional, Gubernatorial, Mayoral, Legislative, Black Caucus, Counties, Cities, Community & International Recognition.

Prince Adekoya has a strong record as a human rights and women’s rights advocate. His recent initiatives include “African Diaspora for Justice,” a subsidiary of “Africa400Years.Org,” inaugurated in 2018 to commemorate the 400 years since the beginning of African slavery in America. The “My Daughter Your Daughter” initiative, which he launched to acclaim in 2017, aims to empower and intellectually emancipate young girls and women through the instrumentality of scholarship, quality education, and good mentorship as the means through which they can take ownership of their destinies.

Dr. Adekoya is the Founder and CEO of Skadek Empire, which encompasses a wide range of local and international businesses, including Roberta Fabiani-USA, Inc., Skadek Network let’s Inc., SNIPE, Skadek Hair, Skadek Media, Skadek Television, Peachy Time Magazine, and Skadek Health & Wellness.

He is a legal expert and analyst with over 15 years experience in the Immigration, Criminal, Civil Litigation, Incorporation, and Entertainment sectors. He is currently the Managing Director at Skadek, Adekoya & Associates Legal Assistant Services, with offices in New Jersey and New York. He holds a degree in Accounting, Law, and Business Management.

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