Ileana J. Montes, Esq.

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“America’s untold Story of Immigrant Success”


Ileana J. Montes, Esq. has 23 years of experience dealing with multifaceted legal issues as an attorney. She is a staunch advocate for clients, committed to providing highly personalized legal services in immigration proceedings, family law, civil and criminal matters and bankruptcy petitions. As an immigrant woman from Colombia, she understands and relates to the problems of the immigrant community.

Ms. Montes has helped immigrants navigate the complex and broad American immigration system. With one eye on the law and the other on the needs of her community, she has consistently achieved family unification making good use of immigration resources. In addition to owning and managing her own law practice, Ms. Montes is the Advisory Counsel for the Colombian Consulate in Newark and serves as the Legal Director for the Immigration and American Citizenship Organization.

In her multiple capacities, she has represented numerous refugees and victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and violent crimes. Ms. Montes had the distinct privilege of being nominated and confirmed by the New Jersey Senate as the first Hispanic Director of the Division on Women. She also served as Director of the Equal Employment Opportunity Office for the Department of Community Affairs of New Jersey.

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